Entry #1

Things have changed 'round here.

2007-10-01 04:29:59 by HyperactiveYouth

Seriously. The newgrounds BBS needs to get it's head out of it's ass. I mean damn, what happened to it's sense of humor? I am currently banned for a couple days and it's sort of pissing me off, not really because I can't post, I rarely do that anymore anyways, but more along the lines of some moderator thinking that the thread I posted was so terribly "spam", that it had to be deleted and me punished.

I would understand that if I had posted something that didn't have any sort of pun or joke or point, but I posted something that the moment I saw it on TV knew that it was something this website would definitely appreciate. That is to say, WOULD have appreciated, about five years ago. People seem too concerned starting topics concerning things that already have been discussed to death since the day the BBS opened up, and enlarging high-post count users e-penis for posting shit just like what I did. I mean what happened to the days that we could just post something funny and people would laugh? I guess those days are gone, instead we have to stick to "safer topics" such as weed, President Bush, sex, furries, whatever new trendy group of clock crew imitators there are, how much we hate religion, or something else that "Worked so well six years ago, will work EVEN better now! :D"

Some moderator's thirst for cock has caused him to ban me for offering something that according to the search feature is funny and original. It's title was "Hi, I'm Tom Kruse", and it's body was "The Inventor of the Hoveround.". I can see it being slightly spammish, but honestly it's funny as fuck. Spontaneous shit like that was what made this website so fucking great, back in the day. Those days are gone, sad but true. :P

Oh yeah, here's the picture I used.

Things have changed 'round here.


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2007-10-18 00:01:42

mak more uncuts of sonic


2007-11-26 17:22:34

Yeah, I agree with you on that. I wish there was a way to actually make things go back to the way they were but i wouldn't know how we could do it.


2007-12-01 22:37:52

dude thats screwed up. that guy should be kicked in the nuts for this. i love the sonic uncut are you making any more?


2007-12-02 18:16:52

Yea, I gave up on writing topics a long time ago. The mods know me too well. =P


2007-12-15 23:00:17

Yeah!!! Make more!!! Those sonic uncuts are awesome!!!!!!!!


2008-03-28 03:20:54

Kinda sucks that happen, that was pretty funny! I also miss the way NewGrounds used to be. Now all it is is a bunch of crap with people making it worse off then it all ready is.


2008-03-31 22:57:25

That sucks.
BTW, could you make more "Sonic: Uncut" please?


2008-04-02 21:10:56

yeah stuff live people ribing on me and crap like that ticks me off.ive gotten jumped on the streets and got jumped in the boys and girls club. safe place my ^&%(6%9.dude some times i just wanna git a knife cut someones head off then just keep shotting up their bodies then taking a staff and place their heads on it to show that i killed them then i would git a tank and blow up all the buffalo police stations.but thats not the point i just wanna know when are u going to make a sonic uncut 4???oh sweet a black coat gonna take it for a spin but feel freely to reply to me.oh and a part of that was from sonic uncut 1.


2008-05-18 15:31:17

make more sonic uncuts!!!!!!!!!!!!


2008-05-23 17:36:39

Are there gonna be more episodes of sonic uncut?


2008-05-27 01:42:41

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeC2hW c7x74

HyperactiveYouth responds:

Yes. Very much yes.

Irrelevant to this blog, but pretty much wins at the awesome.


2008-05-29 18:00:02

Ah well, things change. You ever read East of Eden by John Steinbeck?

"Oh, but strawberries will never taste so good again and the thighs of women have lost their clutch!"

Time goes on and this place just got...shittier that's all.


2008-05-31 05:57:39

you like it?
try this!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPwtMw P9v_s&feature=related

(Updated ) HyperactiveYouth responds:

Check this one out...It's my favorite band, Deadsy, covering Replicas by Gary Numan. :D

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05 QTFkwXA48

Remove that damn space from the url it keeps putting. :P


2008-06-11 03:08:16

Yeah, those damn mods and their fun-hating ways! I've learned to try and stop making topics, mainly because of the reasons previously stated. Hell, even POSTING on the BBS is dangerous work. You can never tell if a thread is spam or original anymore....

....wait. Holy shit I'm late for this one. Well, it's at least good to know you come to this site every now and then.

I'm sure you probably won't remember me, but I'm the dude that made you a pretty shitty cartoon caricature in the summer or '06...

... just sayin'.....

HyperactiveYouth responds:

Hey, I'm even later responding to you! Nah, I remember you. That was honestly my favorite one I ever had from here. I think it's on my facebook somewhere from years ago!


2008-06-11 18:55:17

make a sonic uncut 4 please!!


2012-12-05 21:40:40

fuck you BBS you motherfuckers need to quit doing that to people OK i fucking hate you guys and when you sow your cocks back on then maybe i will have some respect for you ass fuckers alright and another thing is is that you shouldn't laugh at my best friends death so fuck you BBS you ungrateful fucktards OK and now i have to go back home and get some fucks to give BECAUSE I WASTED THEM ALL ON YOU BBS