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Posted by HyperactiveYouth - August 8th, 2014

As an attempt to post more often, I am going to somewhat prematurely do a bit of scouting for talent. As I've said in the past I'm completely out of the Newgrounds loop here, and would really like to step up the production of this final episode.

One of the biggest draw backs of the previous episodes to me was my complete lack of audio production skills. As much as I'd love to continue voicing a few of the characters I quite frankly have no idea where to start as far as recording equipment.

This is why I've decided to reach out to you guys once again. This is to say, if anybody has any tips on my end, I'd love to hear what you've got to say! Either way, whether it's your voice you'd like to lend, or just a helpful pointer, I'm all ears! Let me know here on Newgrounds or again more preferably on the Facebook.



I'm starting a new job soon, have some time off, and would love to get some serious work done in the next week or two, the more you guys help contribute the more work I can get done!


Posted by HyperactiveYouth - April 18th, 2014

So I was thinking today, what would it take for me to genuinely get Sonic: Uncut 4 finished. Other than way more free time and a decades worth of missed practice, I think the biggest push would be to hear from you guys!

I created a facebook page for Sonic: Uncut a few years ago now, but I never thought much of it, until now.

For any of those unaware the URL is http://www.facebook.com/sonicuncut. The best thing YOU can do to get this finished is to go like that page, post on its wall, and contribute any thing you want. Since I'm almost never on Newgrounds these days this is your best way of getting in touch with me. That sort of encouragement and regular reminders would make a significant difference.

I want to finish this just as much for you guys, as much as I do for myself, maybe even more. Sonic: Uncut 4 would be the best way to bookend this chapter of my life. A lot of things have happened over the past decade, but I've NEVER forgot about you, and the fact that there's still some of you out there that care blows my mind.

I'm not asking for your money, I'm not promoting some product, or trying to inflate my ego. I want to work alongside the community that shaped my young teenage life. Let's get this thing done! Who knows what comes next!



Posted by HyperactiveYouth - March 14th, 2013

I may have just recovered part of the long unfinished fourth installment to my decade old Sonic: Uncut series of cartoons. I am here to ask one simple question. Would anybody be interested in me finishing it?

Sonic: Uncut 4

Posted by HyperactiveYouth - March 6th, 2012


I am on Newgrounds.

Posted by HyperactiveYouth - June 29th, 2008

Our Blog!

Okay, okay so I know I haven't submitted an animation on Newgrounds in a long time, and believe me that's going to change soon, but that doesn't mean that Sam and I have been completely ignoring the inter-web. In fact, a month or so ago we started up a Blog where we could post our random musings, or simply creative stuff we've been doing on our own or with friends. There's already a few posts, chock full of material that you can watch.

Sam has his Vlogs, and I've had some student films I've been a part of. They're all worth watching, and I know my fans on here would appreciate them.

And hey, if you guys show us that you enjoy these sorts of things, we'll be more than happy to make more of them, and since it's relatively easy to do expect a lot of them.

So if you'd please just head over to our blog and show us some love, we'd appreciate it tons!

Our Blog!

Posted by HyperactiveYouth - October 1st, 2007

Seriously. The newgrounds BBS needs to get it's head out of it's ass. I mean damn, what happened to it's sense of humor? I am currently banned for a couple days and it's sort of pissing me off, not really because I can't post, I rarely do that anymore anyways, but more along the lines of some moderator thinking that the thread I posted was so terribly "spam", that it had to be deleted and me punished.

I would understand that if I had posted something that didn't have any sort of pun or joke or point, but I posted something that the moment I saw it on TV knew that it was something this website would definitely appreciate. That is to say, WOULD have appreciated, about five years ago. People seem too concerned starting topics concerning things that already have been discussed to death since the day the BBS opened up, and enlarging high-post count users e-penis for posting shit just like what I did. I mean what happened to the days that we could just post something funny and people would laugh? I guess those days are gone, instead we have to stick to "safer topics" such as weed, President Bush, sex, furries, whatever new trendy group of clock crew imitators there are, how much we hate religion, or something else that "Worked so well six years ago, will work EVEN better now! :D"

Some moderator's thirst for cock has caused him to ban me for offering something that according to the search feature is funny and original. It's title was "Hi, I'm Tom Kruse", and it's body was "The Inventor of the Hoveround.". I can see it being slightly spammish, but honestly it's funny as fuck. Spontaneous shit like that was what made this website so fucking great, back in the day. Those days are gone, sad but true. :P

Oh yeah, here's the picture I used.

Things have changed 'round here.