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Let's make Sonic: Uncut 4 happen!

Posted by HyperactiveYouth - April 18th, 2014

So I was thinking today, what would it take for me to genuinely get Sonic: Uncut 4 finished. Other than way more free time and a decades worth of missed practice, I think the biggest push would be to hear from you guys!

I created a facebook page for Sonic: Uncut a few years ago now, but I never thought much of it, until now.

For any of those unaware the URL is http://www.facebook.com/sonicuncut. The best thing YOU can do to get this finished is to go like that page, post on its wall, and contribute any thing you want. Since I'm almost never on Newgrounds these days this is your best way of getting in touch with me. That sort of encouragement and regular reminders would make a significant difference.

I want to finish this just as much for you guys, as much as I do for myself, maybe even more. Sonic: Uncut 4 would be the best way to bookend this chapter of my life. A lot of things have happened over the past decade, but I've NEVER forgot about you, and the fact that there's still some of you out there that care blows my mind.

I'm not asking for your money, I'm not promoting some product, or trying to inflate my ego. I want to work alongside the community that shaped my young teenage life. Let's get this thing done! Who knows what comes next!



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I remember watching the "Sonic: Uncut" series many years ago on Newgrounds before I was even an official member. It was one of -if not- the first Sonic parody series I ever watched, and I enjoyed every minute of every episode. And while all three episodes are pretty outdated now (Particularly the audio) compared to most seen the last few of years; I STILL watch them from time-to-time, and find them entertaining. ...Not to mention they were also a part of my pre-teen years. :P So I'd be absolutely thrilled if "Sonic: Uncut 4" was made. I'd also like to see as to how much you've improved over the years. :D

Unfortunately I don't have a Facebook account, and honestly have no interest in ever creating one, So I can't leave a like for the page. But I still wanted to send this to show that you have my full support in trying to get "Sonic: Uncut 4" made into a reality. A 4th installment to the series would also be a great way to introduce newer generations of Newgrounders and Sonic fans to the entire series as well. ;)

Anyway, I'm rambling on... I truly hope that you'll be able to finish "Sonic: Uncut 4" and upload it here on Newgrounds (And You Tube) so that all may see a small part of what was known to many as one of the very first Sonic parodies online. Sending you much luck and support. Take care!


P.S. If "Sonic: Uncut 4" IS made, and then becomes successful...do you ever think you might perhaps make a 5th episode one day? :)

Thank you so much for the support! It's people like you that make me want to finish this so badly. It's funny how the movie itself in it's unfinished form is already a bit of an out-dated time capsule of a mess. It's litterally been shelved for so long, technology and pop culture references have come and gone.

My idea, is to finish it and not update those things. I want this to represent a period of my life that I look back to fondly, and I want it to truly bookend it. So, to answer your question, the chance of a 5th episode is close to none.

That isn't to say I wouldn't ever make another cartoon. I certianly would like to think this would reinvigorate me. The truth is though, my artistic merit isn't at par anymore with the regulars of this site today, I'm just not as technically or artistically knowledgeable as these people. I would however strive to contribute more regardless.

What I would hope for is that if there is success found with this final episode that I can move on to something completely original, and hopefully find like-minded people to collaborate with. I can't say I'd be the head animator anymore, because the visions in my head just can't match what I can animate skill wise. That's pretty much 50% of why this has taken so long, I'm too much of a perfectionist to submit something sub-par.

I love creating these cartoons, and I have so many ideas that I'd love to work on, so I really hope this can be a good stepping stone towards something fundamentally larger. I've shot myself in the foot by taking 10 years to do it, but hey, if the demand is out there, and I can get off my ass, this WILL happen.

Oh my god damn I went through the whole internet without noticing Sonic Uncut 4 was in production?! IMPOSSIBRUUUUUUUUU
I remember watching the first 3 and absolutely adoring them. Sure, some of the moments were pretty boring, namely the car scene, but they were overall very enjoyable. So I'm very psyched to hear the 4th one is in progress. For what I think of the screenshot above, god damn, that looks like the quality of The Wax from Sonic Shorts! Cannot wait.

It's technically been in production for a decade. hahaha.

Long story short, I got 75% done with it, moved all over the country, was in and out of relationships, made friends, partied and sort of left this part of my life behind.

However I miss being creative, and I really want to bring it back. With the support of people like you, we can make this happen!

Well! I, for one, wish you success in this endeavor. Good luck, man! ^_^

Wow, that's awesome! I remember watching this years ago. I should probably watch them again, but you have my support! Good luck with it! :]

It would be nice so i wouldn't have to check this account every year or so.

I felt the same way. Whoops! ;)

Dude, I was wondering, are you also going to finish HiSchool HiJink's as well?

I did really enjoy the script for that one, but considering it's been almost 10 years since I've been out of highschool, and Sam and I don't talk all too often, it's pretty unlikely.

Haha, sorry we grew up before I finished that. Sam even got married! :)

I'm actually surprised to see this update even though I'm a month late checking it but that's not a problem glad to see that this long awaited part is getting some light this along with a few sonic flashes mostly Knuckles Adventure 1 through 9 and of course Sonic Uncut were the series' that enjoyed growing up especially Uncut this may be on the top of my list of reasons why i loved to do animations which i never actually got the hang of and voice acting which I still need to get the hang of but this series will always have a special place in mine and most peoples hearts and it's rare to find good stuff on newgrounds anymore but I am glad i can re watch the stuff I enjoy and good luck in whatever you do and i'm sure part 4 will be great.

Thanks! And as a bit of a small update to all of this, I may actually have some time to get some serious work done in the next couple weeks. I'm between jobs and for once have some free time. In the past whenever I've promised progress I was always confronted with some sort of distraction, whether it be work, school, or girls...or all of the above. This time, I hope to get some real progress done.

With all that said, there's a chance my new job won't be nearly as stressful, so that'll help too! haha.

I wouldn't mind seeing another Sonic Uncut :)